Shred expo 2018


25. 26. 27. Jan 2018



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Join the celebration and check out today’s hottest skateboard and long-boarding brands and products; and meet your favorite team riders and board artists!!

One 3m2 (1.5m X 2m) exhibition booth
2 all-weekend Shred Expo and After-Party Event access pass for Brand Exhibitors
3 B2B Affiliate daily guests pass
(Spaces will be limited so reserve your spot early to guarantee availability)

all-day access pass to Shred Expo
After-Party Event
(need to provide proof of affiliation in the boarding industry)


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Shred Expo is the first-of-its-kind convention in Leipzig city that focus mainly on skateboarding and long-boarding sport. 4 wheels, 2 trucks, and 1 board are what makes these two sports have so much in common. The purpose of the expo is to bring more awareness of the sports to more people, display the true art and beauty behind why we risk life and limps to do what we love. Shred Expo will provide our B2B Affiliates an opportunity to introduce and present their brands. Shred Expo is a chance to connect our riding and non-riding communities together so we can help make a difference in bettering our surrounding but most importantly, for our children’s children.



+49 15175144326

All B2B Exhibitor participants will have 1 day before the expo event to set up their booth which will be on Wednesday the 24th of January from 10:00(AM) to 18:00(PM). A time-frame for Exhibitors to set-up their booth will be arranged and assign by the expo Organizer to make sure everything will flow smoothly and with no interruptions.

After Shred Expo, on Sunday the 28th of January; all exhibitors will be allowed to disassemble their exhibition booths from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM and of course a time-frame will be assign by the expo Organizer.


#1 | 24 - 08 - 2017

Shred Expo had connected with the City of Leipzig and thanks to their sponsorship; Saturday is free admission to the general public.

#1 | 10 - 10 - 2017

many exhibitors have announced..








Sebastian Muehlbauer
Luetzner Straße 91
Haus K
04177 Leipzig

+49 (0) 341 87 06 17 20

Umsatzsteuer ID | DE 280 82 44 42


1. How many spaces are available for B2B exhibitors ?

A: There are total of 43 exhibition booths available !

2. Where is Leipzig Germany ?

A: Leipzig city is located in the eastern-central German state of Saxony. Just 1 ½ h train ride south of Berlin and 5 hours north of Munich !

3. How is the standard of living here in Leipzig ?

A: If you are here on a budget, Leipzig would be an ideal city for you if compared to Berlin and Munich. A single individual can surely survive on less than 20 € ($21.60 USD) granted they don’t drink, but then again its inexpensive enough here to purchase one or two or a few and really have a good time !

4. Is it easy to get around in Leipzig and where is the expo going to be?

A: Leipzig transportation infrastructure or you can say German public transportation is bar none top in the world (this is coming from an American guy). Getting around is extremely easy with the tram (strassenbahn) system and taxi service.

Imagine Leipzig and using the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Leipzig Main Train Station) as the center marking for the city. Shred Expo event will be located just 15 min west of the main station easily access by the 15, 7, and 8 railway line in a suburb called Lindenau on Lützner Str. 91, 04177 Leipzig in an area known as Tapetenwerk.

5. What is the average night accommodation price for hotels, hostels, inn, B and B in Leipzig ?

A: Price can range you from 50,00 € ($54.00USD) to as high as 330,00 € ($356.00USD) per night. If you are interested for us to assist you with any accommodation booking, please go here...

6. What is there to do in Leipzig during this time ?

A: Leipzig city is filled with lush green family parks (Spielplatz) with table tennis (Tischtennis), forests and canal waterways landscapes. We recommend renting or borrowing a bicycle from a friend, would be a good way to get around and really see the city. But overall, there are many things to do here in Leipzig city, just depend on your tastes.

7. How is the weather like during Shred Expo in late January ?

A: Leipzig’s winter season starts middle December thru middle March with an average temperature around -1.66 degree Celsius (29 degree Fahrenheit). January average rainfall is around 40mm (1.57 inch). Definitely sport them winter attire but also be prepared for sporadic rolling sunny days as well.

8. Is it easy to go to other cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc.. ?

A: Planes, Trains, and Automobile, wait and Ferries; there are nothing lacking here in Germany or let’s say Europe. Highly recommended form of transportation though is with the high-speed train known as I.C.E. (Intercity Express) which can connects you to other Germanys’ major cities.

9. Can I get a bigger size exhibition space from the current offer because we have a lot to display at our booth ?

A: Yes, you can definitely but it depends on the availability during time of registration. Please contact for more information.

10. How can I guarantee my exhibition space for Shred Expo ?

A: We do require a 50% deposit to reserve the exhibition space but if you pay in full during registration, definitely this will guarantee you a spot. But all payments must be made 2 months prior from the event to guarantee all exhibitors and exhibition spaces. Book your space here…

11. After when the Shred Expo is over, can I leave some of my products to you for sales of inventory because I don’t want to lug it back home and have to pay high shipping and transporting costs ?

A: Yes, you can definitely leave with Shred Expo for a proper distribution means and channels to sale your products inventory which entails saving you money but making more money at the same time. For more information please contact

12. Will Shred Expo event main location will be in Leipzig in the future ?

A: Yes most definitely.

13. Where are some skate spots here in Leipzig ?

A: In terms of skate spots, the whole city is skate-able depends where you want to go. Most well known skate spots are; Heizhaus Leipzig Skatehalle in Grunau, Conne Island in Connewitz, Leipzig City Park in City Center, and many more locations throughout. These locations are very easily access utilizing the public tram lines system.